Bus Ride of a Lifetime – Greyhound by Steffan Piper


Greyhound is a story of an abandoned boy, Sebastien Ranes. Sebastien, a stuttering eleven-year-old boy, was dropped off, or dumped, by his single, loveless mother at the Greyhound station in California. With one-way ticket to Pennsylvania and a mere $35 in his pocket, he set out for the bus ride of a lifetime.

I once took a long greyhound from Chicago to Los Angels. It was a long, lonely ride. As I read Sebastien’s adventure, old, almost-fogotten memories of riding and transiting greyhound buses came back to alive. I was about 19 at that time, but still, waiting for next bus in the small, dark bus stop after midnight was pretty scary. When I was 10 or 11 year-old, I sometimes took two-hour long Japanese bullet train by myself, which I was pretty proud of. What a small world I was living.

A few favorites quotes, which I wish I heard when I was his age..

“We are all living on a White Earth,” the old man replied with a sort of halfway grin. “A land where real magic is pushed into the ground and forgotten. When you’re a man, they’ll sell you back your dreams that they’re about to steal from you now.”

I got the distinct impression, watching the whole thing unfold in front of me, that maybe what had happened was supposed to have happened. It was something that I was supposed to see.

Now I look forward to my next greyhound trip. Maybe I’ll bring a poetry book.