Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, I got newish Kindle Paperwhite. Yeah. Baby.
Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle2

I used my Kindle2 for over three years, and that was a very long-living gadget for me. Kindle2 is still useable, but battery was getting weak, and more often than sometimes, I find my hostel room or long-distance bus seat too dark for reading. Kindle Paperwhite was a natural choice for upgrade.
Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is much smaller, but not lighter. I like simple design with black color. Built-in LED light is wonderful. There are other improvements on display, but we are just reading text, so not that big difference other than shiny LED. Again, wonderful. I still prefer hardware keyboard for basic navigation, but it might be something I just need to get used to. Highlighting texts and using dictionary became much easier. I originally wanted 3G version, but the one sold in Japan does not support international 3G connection, so it pretty much means no 3G for me.

I was a little surprised that there are no improvement on battery life though… But with added LED function and touch panel, maybe I was expecting too much.

I have been using Kindle Paperwhite for over a month now, and overall, I am happy with my upgrade.

Happy Reading!