2012 Reading Challenge

I joined goodreads last year, and started managing my reading. I checked back my old blogs and amazon purchase record to add books I read.
Soon I found a nice feature called “Reading Challenge” and I set my goal for 2012.

So, how I did?

40 books a year did not sound too many first, considering I’m not working and have full day for reading if I choose. But it was a good goal. I had to rush during last two months of 2012. But I did make it, and managed to do extra two books. Well done.

Goodreads also generates a nice statistics about my 2012. My 42 books turned out to be 12727 pages. I don’t know what this means to me, but it’s nice to know. That’s roughly 300 pages a book. And the longest book I read this year was, not surprisingly, Stephen King’s. Looking back, he won that award in 2011, and he might do the same this year.


These are my 2012 books. Good times….