I was a weird kid. When I was in junior high school, I was obsessed with JFK assassination. I read some books about it, and (surprise, surprise) I came to believe that it wasn’t simple one-man assassination by Oswald. I remember passionately telling my “theory” to my parents, who replied with “you are a weird kid.” I would worry if my 15-year old son start talking about military industrial complex.

When I heard about Stephen King’s new book about JFK assassination and time travel, I knew I had to read (I am also a huge fan of Back to the Future series). I even knew it was going to be a great book, so I kept it as treat, for the right moment.
Well, the right moment never came, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I figured, I could get hit by a car tomorrow, then it would be a pity if I die without reading this book.

So, I finally picked up this book. Glad I did.

This is the best book I read this year so far.

Took me about two weeks to finish. Yes this is a thick book (866 pages), but I also read it slowly. I had to check wikipedia occasionally to learn background, but also I often stopped and thought about what I just read, savoring the moment.

The story did not unfold as I expected. It was historical time travel book, but it was also very much romantic story. A kind a man like myself, who usually stay away from all romantic stories, can enjoy.