The Keeper of Lost Causes: A Danish Crime Fiction


So, the rumor is right. Scandinavian thriller is great.

The Keeper of Lost Causes is crime fiction from Denmark. Reads like Stieg Larsson book. (And the publisher knows this, as you can see from its cover design…)

I don’t read many crime fictions (they are dark and depressing), but sometimes it’s a fun ride.

This one was particularly good. Good characters with roller-coaster story. I think it was really clever to include super-mysterious Assad, a Muslim jack-of-all-trade assistant, who makes really bad coffee. I mean, everyone likes people who makes bad coffee, right?

I might follow up a sequel in the next long flight. Just to see what was the history of Assad…

By the way, in the future, if people want to film this, then consider Naveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost). He would be perfect for Assad.