It’s Just a Game

Maybe it’s just a game.


When you start this game called human life, you get to select levels. Easy, Normal, Hard, and if you are a hardcore, Nightmare mode.

You can customize more. Your appearance, location, and time period. (Who said time was linear?)

In my case, I picked a middle class family in late 20 century Japan. I finely tuned setting for my character and environment, so that it would create some challenges I was willing to overcome during this particular life. Conveniently, I forgot what they were once I was born!

That’s what some call karma or destiny. Only it’s something you created yourself.

You know those people, who are easily motivated, know what they want to do early in their life, and grab success early, while the rest of us being left behind, wandering aimlessly? What about really good-looking people? Insane IQ? Born into billionaire family?

Don’t worry. Maybe they are just playing Easy mode. They are beginners in this game, trying to figure out what this game is all about. Let them enjoy easy ride for now, shall we?

The rest of us are here for better reasons.

So it seems unfair, but maybe the truth is not about fairness. It’s about personal endeavor.

What if we fail?

It’s ok. We can try again, just like modern video games, you get more than one shot. Maybe next time, you pick easier mode. Universe is infinite, maybe you pick easier planet!

Let’s not take our lives too seriously. It’s just a game.


I am now a believer of free belief system, meaning we can choose any belief we want. We can believe our lives suck, everything is unfair, and  all should go to hell. Or, we can believe our lives are wonderful, every challenge has its meaning, and we should all embrace each other.

But I believe we should “strategically” select own belief system that works for us, not against us.

Things like this, we can never actually “confirm” in our lifetime. No matter what you believe, you are probably wrong. If there are more than this world out there, my gut feeling tells me that our limited mind won’t be able to understand it.

If there is nothing beyond our lives, and our existence will end when we physically die, then that’s it. It’s sad, but what can we do?

But either way, it seems it doesn’t really matter what we believe.

If so, then we might as well lean toward a happy, fun belief. That way, we can at least make the best out of our time here.


Happy believing!