I had a dream…

An interesting one.

I was struggling setting up this apparatus, which can teleport me to another location. It was supposed to be straight forward, but somehow I couldn’t connect those two rods and pull that lever together. You know?

Where was I going?


And I finally connected those rods and pulled that lever!

At that moment, I woke up, then I rushed to my bathroom…

While relieving myself, I was thinking how simple my dream was. My body wanted to go to bathroom, so my brain created that dream.

But wait, there is one tiny possibility. What if dreams we have are as real as our real world, and I was in fact teleported from dream world to this one? We still haven’t figured out this great thing called human mind. Anything is possible.

Maybe… what we thought is dream is actually happening in parallel universe or distant galaxy, and somehow our mind can be connected to those places while we are sleeping. If body is vehicle for the mind, then why can’t mind have multiple cars? Dreams can be pretty messed-up, disorganized place, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be real… does it?


And, of course, all I needed was a coffee.

Good morning, Sunday!