When I was younger, there was this argument about how we should call today, August 15. 

August 15 is commonly known as the “anniversary of end of war” in Japan. That was the day our previous emperor told Japanese public (in fact, it was very first time Japanese public heard of his voice) that Japan had been defeated.

There were some opponents who suggested that the word, “end,” was too weak to express fully what had happened, and thought we should call it the day we were “defeated.”

Both sides seem to have some point, but I had to wonder today, that what it was like that day. To listen to the voice of emperor. God-like being, accepting our defeat, and asking people to prepare for the next.

I now think, at least for ordinary civilians like my grandparents, it must have felt like “the war is over.” Of course, a sense of defeat must be there too, but probably it was more about something huge ended. War. Suffering. What they believed. 

And then, of course, they must have wondered… Now what? 

We say, the future is unpredictable and unsure. Japan does not look like having a bright future either. Yet, maybe it’ nothing compared to that moment, some 67 years ago. Everything they believed ended that moment suddenly. And then, Japan rose up from that moment. 

Quite impressive too. 

Maybe we should make another celebration day to congratulate those who rebuild our country after that war. Thanks.

That was very unorganized post, but this day is quite complex to express, you know. And I want to post before this day is over.