Check Point 2012

Having birthday at the beginning of July is kind of nice. It is around the halfway point of the year, so it forces me to look back and  reflect on the first half of the year.

So, how was my 1st half of 2012?

I visited eight countries. I had seen some of the greatest scenery in the world, made some great friends, and had some fantastic foods along the way.

Not bad at all.

What awaits me in the 2nd half?

Our original plan was to look around Europe as long as we can, then move on to North America, crossing Canada or USA with car.

Since I lost my driver’s license to that pickpocket in Rome, I can no longer drive in North America without reissuing my license in Japan. My wife can still drive, but I had been, am, and will be the driver of this family, so I can’t miss this opportunity being driver in the biggest road trip of my life.

Also, I am getting a little “numb.” Been on the road for nine months now, and continuous change of scenery is exciting, but at the same time, it has numbing effects. I feel like I am just changing countries without really paying attention. Italy was great because it was my dream place to visit, but after this, I am not sure if I can keep my attention. It’s time to stay in one place for a while, rather than keep moving.

So, we are moving to Korea next.

I will be staying in my in-laws’ place, read a lot of books, maybe go on some excursions there. It is also good time to try figuring out what to do in long-term.


How was your first half of 2012? What is your plan for second half?