Aloha From Hawaii


So, it’s been over one month since my last post, and now I am in Hawaii.



Long story short, I quit my job and became full-time traveler, starting this month.

Hawaii is my first stop, also my trial travel to see if my idea of packing for long-term traveling is right. (first week here said “not really”)

Also, last one month was pretty intense, work-wise, so this is little treat for ourselves. And we wanted to use up JAL mileage before leaving Japan for long. No matter what reason, I am glad that we picked Hawaii. This is pleasant place to visit.


I spent first week in Waikiki area, spending most of the time on beach. (And got severe sunburn…)

It really amazes me how many Japanese tourist are actually here. Japanese (language) works fine most of the time in waikiki, as long as you are doing tourist thing. Honolulu is paradise destination for Japanese. Confirmed. If I can shop too, I might have stayed there longer.


Now I am staying in little town called Captain Cook, in Big Island.

This place is much more relaxed and secluded than Waikiki. Very quiet.

Famous Kona coffee are from this island, and we just did a couple of coffee farm touring today. Lots of free sampling!

Good coffee, friendly people, quiet place for reading. Life is good here…