Lucky 33

Today, I turned lucky 33.

Why lucky? Because I am calling it lucky. 🙂

On my 30th birthday, I watched Randy Pausch’s famous “Last Lecture” on youtube. Since then, I have been really thinking about my life (and achieving childhood dreams!). It took me whole three years (inaction is pretty hard to beat), but I am finally making some move.

Last two birthdays were not very happy ones, since they only reminded me of my inaction. This year, I am quite content with where I am heading. I owe that to Dr. Randy Pausch. Thank you. I am going to watch his lecture again tonight.


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As for birthday stuff, since I am on budget these days, I went to birthday lunch at Toraji yakiniku resturant with my wife. I ordered their yakiniku don (BBQ beef over rice), and I shared korean cold noodle with my wife. They look like normal lunch, but they were very, very good.




And birthday cake… Yes, I got one. Well, it might not look like birthday cake in traditional sense, but what matters is the taste! We bought famous cheesecake by Gramercy New York. This one is their limited special, melted cheese cake. I must say…  This was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. If nobody stops, I could eat the whole thing in 3 min!