How I Became a Conductor: Early Life of Yutaka Sado

Autobiography of Yutaka Sado, an Japanese conductor. This book covers his life until 34.

I knew about him, but I never knew he was this outlaw. I instantly fell in love with him.

This autobiography talks about how he launched his successful career, without any formal education as conductor. It is amazing how he just grabbed his music career solely with passion (and maybe, mystical spiritual support as he suggested). His experiences with Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa, two musical giants, is also fun and inspirational to read.

I think this is what happens when one’s destiny and passion are completely in sync.

After finishing the book, I kept thinking about this sentence.

Do you want to become a conductor, or do you want to conduct?

Love or lust. Passion or drive.

When you genuinely want to do something, maybe you are free from the result. That way, you can completely focus on what you are doing. Sado-san, for example, talked about how he overcame his fear of facing losing battle in contest, by focusing on enjoying doing music. (He ended up winning the contest)

This question is so fundamental that, in every career and profession, we need to ask same question to ourselves.

Am I in this, to achieve something, or to live my passion?

What I loved most about this book is how Bernstein talked in Osaka dialect! Well, at least in Sado-san’s mind. That was actually very touching.

This is my most favorite quote from this book.


Life can be beautiful YA!

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