Magic Words: Collection of Lectures by Michio Hoshino

A beautiful collection of lectures by Michio Hoshino, a photographer. Nice to know how he decided to become photographer specialized in Alaska. His story, or perhaps his gentle speaking style, reminds me of Naomi Uemura.

I heard story about sweat lodge and vision quest for the first time in this book. They are really interesting traditions, somewhat similar to Aboriginal walkabout. Something I feel very much attracted to…

I wondered, what kind of traditions we have in Japan? There are many local traditions, or Matsuri, all across Japan. Perhaps they had lost original spirit in them, but it’s great that we are still celebrating those.

Could “Juken” (entrance exam for high school and university) be considered to be modern ceremony in some sense? Once they “pass” this tradition, they are considered to be adults…. I don’t think I am too far off here. Building career is considered to be life goal for most kids, and getting into “good school” decides a major part of it… hmm…

My favorite was the very last lecture. It was held a couple of month before his death. In this lecture, among many topics, he talked about the meaning of being in Alaska at the very last part.

Everyone is on their own journey. Everyone has own darkness inside, and trying to overcome that darkness on the journey. … I must have something that I need to overcome like everyone else. And looking back now, I think Alaska and its nature has been encouraging me, and I had been so lucky to have Alaska with me.


魔法のことば (文春文庫)
魔法のことば (文春文庫) 

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