John Muir of Japan: Noriyoshi Kato

Noriyoshi Kato is Japanese writer and backpacker. He is probably most known as the guy who walked John Muir Trail. He wasn’t the first one to walk there or anything, but he was the one who introduced the name, John Muir Trail, to Japanese people.

He is also known as researcher of John Muir. His new book, about his thru-hiking of the Appalachian Trail, is going to be published soon.

I first read his book, Walking John Muir Trail. That book introduced me to the wonderful world of backcountry. Although I haven’t had chance to walk the long trail yet, it is in my bucket list. I was so excited to see this sign in yosemite last year. Yeah I walked John Muir Trail, a bit.


On John Muir Trail


I also learned about John Muir from his book, Saint of Woods.

John Muir is less-known in Japan, but he is a famous naturalist, and also known as the Father of National Park. Learning about John Muir, together with Emerson and Thoreau, is slowly changing my understanding of the nature and human condition, and I owe that to Kato-san.

I always enjoyed his writing, but above all, I admired his way of living and seeing the world.

He just publicly announced that he was diagnosed with ALS. He talked about his condition in the recent blog post. I am no expert on ALS, but know enough. ALS steals muscle from people. He is already losing power. It is just too sad to see a person like him being attacked by it.

Life can be very harsh…

I only wish he will find peace, and continue walking his life as long as he can.


These are two of my favorite books by Noriyoshi Kato, and now I am ordering other books too.


加藤 則芳
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加藤 則芳
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