Get Out of This Country

Two business giants ranting about current situations in Japan. It only made me uneasy, and wasn’t really new story. Still, good read to understand how messed up our country is.

Interesting to hear Tadashi Yanai of Uniqlo, who is usually silent about politics. I 100% share his disbelief in Japanese politics. Some might say it’s irresponsible, but he is changing Japan in his way, through his business. Cool ojisan, he is…

I believe the very core of our problem is in our education. It is long term thing we had accumulated, and there is no instant solution. It’s deep in our way of thinking and value. Probably that is why they used this title. The surest way is to leave this place and learn and experience outside.

We are having one of the heaviest financial problem in the world, and now the nature is attacking us. I am sensing that soon we will be facing the end of the world as we used to know. Sounds really bad, but in the long run, I personally think it is a good thing.



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