Do You Have Any Fun Books?


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“Do you have any fun books?”

I overheard one day in my local library. This boy, probably in 4th or 5th grade, was talking to an old librarian. I heard the librarian gently laughed, and asked the boy what kind of books he wants. The boy replied, “Something fun!”  The old librarian sighed, and seemed, maybe, looking for ways to get rid of the boy.

That’s when this lady librarian cut in and asked the boy,”Do you like words?”

“Yes, I can read a lot of words!” answered the boy. The lady exclaimed, “How wonderful!”  Everyone around felt his excitement, and we all smiled. Then, the boy and librarian lady talked about what the boy liked and what kind of books he had already read, and disappear into the child section of the library.

She would make a great teacher, I thought.

Encouragement. Cultivating the curiosity. They are very basis of education, and this is where we keep failing in current educational system. I don’t mean to propose educational reform plans here, but we all know we are messing up our children. Instead of exciting them about learning, we only prepare them how to answer in entrance exam. We often make them focus on what they are NOT good at, trying to keep the test scores high. They lose curiosity and learn to do what adults tell them to do. By doing that, we continue to create obedient salary-men, who is always in wait-mode. Let’s face it. This salary-men’s wait-mode mentality must have something to do with current mess in Fukushima. Yet… I am not so optimistic about education system in the near future…

I only hope that boy will continue to be curious about books and knowledge. I wish adults around him won’t crash his curiosity and make him hate learning. His chances aren’t looking good, though. We got so good at it.