Family Happiness

This is my second Tolstoy book, and I have to say his story has really good ending. Rather slow paced story, suddenly comes to alive toward the ending.

“all of us, and especially you women, must have personal experience of all the nonsense of life, in order to get back to life itself; the evidence of other people is no good. At that time you had not got near the end of that charming nonsense which I admired in you. So I let you go through it alone, feeling that I had no right to put pressure on you, though my own time for that sort of thing was long past.”

“If you loved me,” I said, “how could you stand beside me and suffer me to go thought it?”

“Because it was impossible for you to take my word for it, though you would have tried to. Personal experience was necessary, and now you have had it.”

Not so sure about “especially you women” part, but I guess he is right on certain level.. But..

I have to ask myself, what kind of husband let and watch his wife go through those experiences? It seems he was well aware of what was going on. I sense something not so humane in that… hmm… But maybe it was because of big age difference thing.

Now I am thinking about my brother-in-law, who is about to get married to much younger girl. Maybe I should give this book to her as engagement present. Might not be well received, though. 🙂

This is one version of family happiness, I supposed, but not “the” happiness. My wife and I can do better than this!