My Predictable Life

Here is a good mental exercise to welcome 2011.

Visualize what your life would look like if you keep current path. Imagine likely path, conservative one. Imaging your life, say 25 years later.

Here is 57 year-old Satoshi (that’s me) would look like;

I work from 9 to 6. I am overseeing entire business, focusing on importing and operational sides. Business is good. Had some rough years, but overall it was stable with slow growth. I don’t have strong belief nor passion in my industry, but hey, that’s just work. I travel oversea several times a year. Find new partner every year, but mostly meeting same old people, talking about same old story. After years of service, I have gained certain respect in my industry.

I travel often for pleasure too. I visit foreign countries every year, but since I don’t have very long vacation, choices are always limited. I visited most of the big cities and tourist spots, but nothing adventurous. 

I am living in fairly large place. Being a big gadget fan, I have all the new gadgets, technology installed in my house. Got big TV. All digitalized and networked. I have a nice car. Big SUV car I always wanted so that I can go into mountain and drive off-road, although I have actually never done that. I keep buying new stuff, because I think I deserve it, considering all the work time I spent. I simply spent, because I earned it.

Now having only several years of work life left, I start wondering about my legacy, what I have really achieved. Start feeling depressed. About what-ifs and regrets. All the places I had to give up because of short vacation time. All the things I could have done to change this world better. Now I am too old to visit those places. Too old to try something new. Most people think I am doing fairly good, but what does it mean, really?

Now, really feel the depression. Feel the pain. Imagine those nightmares. Trapped in older body and mind.. I fantasize every night, what if I could turn my clock back, to start my life over…. I would give all away, to have just another shot…!


Back to reality, and realize that there is a great news! I have younger body and mind. I have all the time I thought I lost in my mental exercise.

Now, feel the possibility. Joy of uncertainty. Yes, joy of it. What used to be confusion and uncertainty is now possibility and freedom!

Here is my motto: It is only a thought away. 🙂

P.S. This exercise is inspired by “The death of Ivan Ilyich” by Tolstoy. Tolstoy might sound boring to some, but really not!