A Brief Guide to World Domination


Condensed version of his book, The Art of Non-Conformity.

This is about how to be remarkable. About listening to your own voice. About how to create own universe.

If I tell you that I am going to go visit 100 countries, what would be your response? I would say it is nearly impossible.

Listen to Chris,

on a train ride between Slovakia and Hungary a couple of years ago, I figured out that the cost of visiting 100 countries would be roughly equal to that of buying a new S.U.V. When I saw how relatively little that was, I felt encouraged. I gave up the hypothetical large vehicle and received the world in return.

Slovakia to Hungary is like 2-3 hours by train. Let’s assume that he spent good two hours thinking and planning, and decided to go for it. Only two hours to decide 100-country travel.

What about the rest of us? Most of us, having same crazy dream like Chris, typically daydream it every now and then, but not doing anything. I am sure that we spend daydreaming more than two hours in total, but producing nothing but frustration.

We spend much more time thinking why we should not pursue. Too busy. No money. How about my job and family? People think I am crazy. We tend to disregard the idea without actually examining it. Asking and challenging every doubt we have might make whole difference.

I used to dream that I would be the first Asian NBA player. That was one crazy dream, but then, how do we know if it’s too crazy or not.

Famous backpacker/writer, Colin Fletcher dedicated his book, “The Complete Walker” to her mother,


who understood that walking for fun is no crazier than most things in life, and who passed the information along.

He did end up walking for life, having a remarkable life. If walking for fun is not that crazy, then what can be too crazy? I believe very few.


OK, I got this far before. Several times.  But always stuck in the next question.

I don’t remember how many times I tried to answer this and failed. This time, I am really willing to find my answer. I am just too sick of being unsure. We have two month left this year. This will make good final project for this year.


Sean: So what do you really want to do?

Will: I wanna be a shepherd.

– from “Good Will Hunting”


You can download free pdf from link below. Really recommend his book though.

A Brief Guide to World Domination