Cairns Trip

5 days vacation in Cairns, Australia.


We stayed in this apartment, Beachfront Apartments on trinity beach. They upgraded our room (yay). It had a large living room, a master bedroom, a twin bed room and a large bathroom. It was like 8000yen/day for two of us. Cheaper than most business hotels in Japan!



Room had a large kitchen, so naturally we cooked “at home” often.




We took a tour to Green Island. We stayed for 7 hours, just snorkeling and reading books there. Lots of fishes, and even I could swim with this huge turtle! Unfortunately, our waterproof camera was broken, so not much picture here…. Time to buy new one!



This was our favorite beach, Four Mile beach in Port Douglas. Spent two days there. This beach has very strong wave, but water was good. Was really fun playing with wave.



This place is south part of Four Mile beach in Port Douglas (well, maybe). Depends on the time of the day, the tide receded so that we could walk around. It was a very interesting view. Somehow this place reminded me of Death Valley.



And, 2 hours before my flight back…

My very first flat tire in my life. Exactly two hours before I need to take flight! After maybe 1 minute of panicking, I called Thrifty office and asked to send us service guys. Nice lady on the phone told me that it could take 45 minutes. We waited 10 minutes but we couldn’t wait any longer, so we decided to take a shot. Turned out to be the most fun activity in this trip. 🙂





Done! Right after I finished, service guys from Thrifty arrived. Looked like my work was satisfactory. Oh so proudly, we rush to airport, where we managed to check in 1 minute before they closed. That was close!



This was my third car-related problem during my vacation oversea. I never had any car problem in Japan (a proud holder of Gold License). Seems like I tend to cause car problem when I drive unfamiliar car… in foreign land. well, flat tire was not my fault this time, but I hit my rent-a-car twice before. For me, car protection plan is a MUST. 🙂