Jeju Island: Mashitta Island

Abalone (アワビ). Japanese love this, but I have never really tried, because it is just so expensive! But Korean restaurant was more reasonable about it, so I took a shot. It was really first time to eat whole abalone. No wonder they love it so much. Really really good…



This looks like typical Korean Naengmyeon(冷麺), but not really. This is called Mil-myun. Instead of buckwheat noodle found in Naengmyeon, Mil-myun use flour. South part of South Korea does not have enough buckwheat for Naengmyeon noodle, so this is their version. This was as good as naengmyeon. Icy soup felt so good in hot summer day in Jeju.



Now this looks more like Naengmyeon, but still not. They added seaweed, tot (or Hijiki: ひじき), which is popular food in Japan. Also good summer noodle.



Seolleongtang. My all-time favorite.



This was from street stall in beach. Both are typical Korean fast food, shin ramen and toppogi. You can not say you’ve been to Korean beach, unless you eat these there. 🙂



This is famous hairtail fish with spicy sauce. Wasn’t particularly good. Good to try though. Very spicy.

Galchi Jorim


Sliced abalone (アワビ) over rice. The only dish I did not enjoy. Restaurant was packed, but I think most were tourist like us.