Jeju Island: Beaches and Water Falls

It was pretty much cloudy during our stay, but we did enjoy time on beach. Water was transparent in general, but some beaches were poorly maintained, especially in crowded beach. No one wants to swim in the water with garbage floating…

This was little off from popular beach. Less people, and I found many foreigners (well, including myself) here actually. Water was very clean and transparent, and I saw some small fishes. It was cold day so did not swim much, but it was very relaxing. Took nice nap.





This is popular, hamdeok beach. Lot of attractions and stores, but water wasn’t that clean. Just like typical Japanese beach. Trash also swimming everywhere…. 🙂 But I heard this place used to be cleaner.. maybe too many tourist during summer holiday season. Maybe…



Jeongbang Falls. You can really feel the water splash. All kids were all wet there, and being a kid myself, I got soaked too.



Next to this falls, there was this roten (露店), where you can eat fresh seafood!