Android 2.2 for HTC Desire (Softbank) coming sooner than we thought!


Great news for HTC Desire holder in Japan. Android 2.2 was originally scheduled to be out by November, but Softbank announced yesterday that they will do that in October. Coincide with the release of newer version, X06HTII. Nice job, Softbank.

Now we have little more details too.


New Features:

  • File upload
  • Save application on SD card
  • Sync address via Bluetooth


  • Flash: Upgrade from Flash Lite 4.0 to Flash 10.1
  • Address book:  “yomigana” enabled (for Japanese)
  • Android market: Auto-update and Update-All
  • Movie: HD movie (720P)

And probably, 2.2 would be little faster than 2.1.. Although current 2.1 is fast enough for me.

Unfortunately, it seems that they are not going to enable tethering, well, for obvious business reason.