Yamagata Trip

Basically, I went Yamagata to see this, Okama (お釜).

It was cloudy and rainy, but luckily, sky cleared out little bit when we reached there. 🙂 Truly stunning view.



Okama means cooking pot or kettle. I found it perfect name, when a thin layer of cloud came over into my view.



Yamadera (山寺 = Temple of Mountain).

There are 1015 steps to the highest point. I have to say, I won’t be coming back here in summer again!



Ita-soba (板そば = Plate Noodle). Again, they named it right. 🙂





Famous Hiyashi-Ramen (冷やしラーメン = Iced Ramen). Twitter friend recommended this one, and I’m glad he did! Kind of like Korean cold noodle (冷麺). Perfect summer noodle. Soup can be really addictive.