MMS and Android 2.2 Coming to HTC Desire by Softbank (X06HT)

Great news for all HTC Desire (X06HT) holders in Japan. 


Will do it. Goto-kun, please take care of this. RT: When are you updating HTC Deisre to OS 2.2 in Japan? Are you just going to leave us alone?

Softbank decided to terminate current version of HTC Desire, and they will release TFT version (X06HTII). Obviously it was due to low availability of organic EL screen.

At least, I am relieved that Softbank will continue their Android lineup. 

“Goto-kun” did reply, by the way. According to this news article, Seiji Goto answered that Softbank was planning to provide MMS on middle of September, and Android 2.2 by November.