Life Strategy for Underdog

For underdog to survive, you have to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing. Simply do exactly what top dog (=competitor) is not doing. Do what the rest of the world is not doing. It’s that simple.

The book is about popular management philosophy called Lanchester’s Management. I was recently flipping through this book again. Still good book. It might not teach you its management philosophy in structured manner, but it has full of real life examples and stories. That’s how I like it.

Quote, mostly motivational part:

Secret for success is “Dream x Strategy x Gratitude”.

Ordinary people are usually obsessed with what’s in front of them, and end up letting the day run their lives. When they feel trapped, they try to get out by desperately hanging on to one of these factors. They taste little bit of “Strategy” factor, then move on to get another bite of “Dream” factor. We all spend our time, repeating this process, taking a bite at a time. That also describe my life as well. But don’t worry. There is no such thing as a waste in life. Ordinary people like us grow up only by experience.

Stop saying “I’m too old”. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s found his true calling at the age of 52. Founder of KFG found his when he was 65. Life is a winding road. Only the lucky ones found straight road.

Failure is mother of success. If you fail at your job, you only confirmed that it wasn’t for you. You should be glad that you found that this job was not for you. 

As you grow old, you can feel part of you being ground down. When you were young, everything was possible. When you see somebody successful, you go see and study them if you could be like him. Then you find somebody else. You again go see if you can be like him. But you keep failing. Nothing works for you. Maybe you are not right kind. You feel like giving up. But there is something inside you, that you just can’t give it up. It’s like small fire burning inside you that you can not put out. Then, you make a move, but then again, you fail. Failure after failure. But gradually, you start seeing the light.  

“This is all I got. “

“This is the only way I can serve.”

People often find their true calling by positively giving up.

Great talents mature late. We call it in Japanese, “大器晩成”. Everybody has different road. Some are long and winding, but they all have destination. As long as we keep looking, moving forward, we will eventually get there.

When you can’t believe this any more, by definition, you are now too old.

I still feel his attitude is little backwards… but maybe I am still too young. YES, too young.

PS. This book is great, but I don’t like how people see things in dualistic way. Winner-or-loser type of paradigm…