Swype: Next-Gen Software Keyboard for Smartphone

One and only thing I am missing about my old Blackberry is how easy it was to input text. I thought I would have major downgrade, moving from super-comfortable physical keyboard of blackberry to software keyboard. Then I found Swype. Y.A.Y!

There are many technologies that have great concept but not really useable (mostly due to slow performance), but this one, I am actually using daily base.

There is learning curve for this, but if you can touch type on qwerty keyboard, it should be really easy and intuitive. I am using this for about three days, and I already feel pretty comfortable using this system. I can even hold my phone one-hand, and swype with my thumb. Blackberry keyboard will still win, but I think this is as close as it gets.

Beta version for Android is open for limited time.

Shape writer is another swype-like technology. I actually found this first, but it was little slow on my Android. May work well in different platform.

Rumor says that DoCoMo would make Japanese version. If they really do it, then I hope they will make that public. I would gladly pay for this, but please do NOT make it one of those DoCoMo exclusive service..

Swype Tutorial Android