Shenzhen Report: Going to Shenzhen via Hong Kong

We flew to Hong Kong as entry point to Shenzhen. Shenzhen is very close from Hong Kong, many people commute between and there are multiple options from Hong Kong to Shenzhen (later I found out that Shenzhen is popular entertainment destination for HK people).

There are luxury limousine service, convenient bus, train, and ferry. Ferry seemed easiest, you could basically transfer directly from flight. You don’t even have to enter HK. Bus is another convenient method. Limo is very expensive, but you do not have to get off for immigration. We took bus.

Process was simple. There was ticket counter right after exit door of baggage claim. I told them my hotel name, then they put this bus tour sticker with my hotel name on. After that, they will basically transport us like luggage (they check my “tag”, and show us which way to walk, etc). Occasionally, I wished to be treated more humanely, but well, that was working. So no complain. 🙂




PS. I meant to post this much earlier..but somehow I forgot. I did not want to waste this, so here it is..