HTC Desire: Matured Android Phone

Good bye, Blackberry and Docomo.

Say hello to Android and Softbank!


I recently purchased HTC Desire by Softbank. I was about to upgrade to Blackberry Bold 9700, but when I saw HTC Desire running, I just couldn’t resist. I never tried Android phone, so it was great for experiment too. Using Softbank is cheaper than DoCoMo, and my wife wanted to switch to iPhone for years, so I guess it was about time.

Turned out that it was very good move..

First of all, this is fast.

Browsing is almost as good as PC. I can now read most of my RSS subscription on phone. I tried that on blackberry and iPod touch, but they were little too slow for me. Even if I open several apps running, it will not get slow like blackberry bold does.

It also has very intuitive interface.

On Android, “Back” really means “Back”. For example, I am on this RSS reader. I click link and then jump to browser. If I press back button, it will go back to original RSS reader. Yes it is simple stuff, but changes entire user experience. Also the connection between applications are nice. I can take picture, and then I can send that picture to other application easily.

Also, screen is beautiful and running cost is reasonable (well this one is for SoftBank). HTC sense is very useful and friggin cool! Google services work great on Android OS, of course. Nothing to complain so far.

I have tried a couple of Android phones here, but they were all too slow. I think Android is finally in its maturity after 2.1. I hope Android will attract more users in Japan.