Born To Run: Great Read for All Runners and Non-Runners

Never thought a book about running can be THIS fun.

Read like first-class thriller. Got some great stories that would possibly change reader’s conception about running forever. This might impact running business industry. I am sure Nike is hating this book. 🙂

Some interesting points:

  • Humans are born to run. Our body structure backs that theory. (not widely accepted theory, yet)
  • Homo sapiens might have flourished because of our ability to run (Not our intelligence or use of weapon).
  • There are hidden tribe in Northern Mexico, called Tarahumara. Some call them “Running People”. They can run for days.
  • The more you spend money on shoes, the more likely you get injured. Until modern shoes were introduced, we did not have the injuries that we are having now.
  • There are race called ultra running. Compared to this, marathon sounds like sprint race.

I always thought that running is hard to love. Most of us run because we have to. For health reason or sense of accomplishment. Some run for fun, but I always see them and say, “that’s great”, but what I am really thinking is “what’s wrong with you!”.

I must apologize for my ignorance. Running was hard and boring for me, but now I believe it was because I was doing it wrong way.

PS. Now I know the secret of Naoko Takahashi’s smile.