The Ohmae Report vol.188

memo from recent issue.

大前研一通信188号 「日本の真実 PartⅢ」


  • Boneless Japan and Rising Dragon South Korea

Single leader can change direction of company, even country. Remember Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev. Current example is Angela Merkel in Germany. Role of leader is to face essential problem. That is exactly Japanese leader is lacking. As if they are consciously avoiding hard topic. Maybe they already give up, and they are only fooling us…? 

  • All we have left is craftsmanship

Japan used to be world’s best manufacturer. Cars, electronics, etc… Now that is old story. Our neighboring countries are doing so well. What we still got is craftsmanship. Camera, for example, still needs analogue designing skill to make quality camera, that is where we are still good at. but then, how long… We are still struggling in making good education system (another article talks about how Japanese university is NOT attractive for foreigner). Mr. Ohmae suggests collaboration with neighboring countries are keys. I still feel we need serious kick in the butt. We are sitting so deep in comfortable couch.

Perhaps core question is, what country we want to build? We need to re-evaluate our priority, think about vision once again. Do we want to regain our old status, or become something else…? With all those economical success after WWII, did we achieve “happiness”? Is Japan happy country? Talking about happiness in such macro level might be dumb, but right now, the answer must be no, considering suicide rate, depression, and just moods in general… sigh.