Sierra Nevada Road Trip: Yosemite

Our main destination was Yosemite National Park. We stayed there longest (3 nights), but still too short. It was enough to scan Yosemite Valley, but there are much much more outside of Yosemite Valley too. There are hundreds of great hiking trails.

Everywhere you look, you are awarded by its beauty.

Here are some of the pictures.

Famous Tunnel View. The place was so popular, so little too crowded for me, but certainly great spot for photographers.



Half Dome. Kept thinking, what the hell happened there!? I like to keep it as mystery!



After cold winter, melted snow gather together and roar! This is why spring is great time to visit Yosemite.

This is Vernal Fall. There was nice hiking trail to here, that was absolutely amazing. The trail lead to Nevada Fall. Including break, we spend almost 10 hours. We were exhausted but the views were totally worthy of it.

yosemite vernal fall1


If you visit waterfall at the right time of the day, you could see nice rainbow. We could capture a tiny one. 🙂

yosemite WF rainbow


Yosemite Falls is the most popular one. I believe this is one of the highest falls in the world.

yosemite WF1 

yosemite WF2 

yosemite WF3


Compared to water falls, lakes are more subtle and quiet. But that is why I love lake so much. You can really feel the air. You can hear the sound of breeze. Almost feeling numb. Stillness. It is one of places I can just sit and spend time for hours. Great for relaxation.

Mirror Lake.

yosemite mirror lake 

Other lakes..

yosemite lake 

yosemite lake2 


We spend one whole day to bike around.

This was my bike. $25/day wasn’t bad at all. I like how saddle was padded. I could not get much speed, but it was perfect for slowly cruising around the valley. And above all, this bike was so sexy! 




We met one professional photographer at a bridge. He let me take his camera! It was good old-fashioned film camera. He took like over 30 min to take a single shot, checking perfect angle and perfect lighting. Next to him, I was releasing shutter like every 5 sec. How amateurish am I!? But that is my philosophy, if I take 100 picture, maybe one of them end up being masterpiece. 🙂

There are many professional photographers in Yosemite. I enjoyed just looking at them as they are taking their photo. I don’t know what they are doing or seeing through finder exactly, but their motions, they are automatic yet somehow artistic. Maybe more like craftsmanship. That is one profession that I don’t mind seeking.

yosemite camera


We made some new friends there. This guy is everywhere in the Yosemite valley. Looking for food which their human friends dropped.. So cute that makes me want to feed them, but I resisted!

yosemite friend1


Deer! Hoped to see them more often, but they are rather shy friends. Maybe next time!

yosemite friend2


I didn’t see any bears, but probably that is a good thing. 🙂