Sierra Nevada Road Trip: Happy Eating

US might not be place to eat high-end food (sorry!), but in my opinion, they do have the world greatest breakfast and fast food. Here is what I mean.

French Toast at some local restaurant. Perfection!

food French_Toast


Who doesn’t like iHop? Probably I shouldn’t be eating this for breakfast, but well, I was on vacation.

food iHop1

food iHop2


This was first time to try burgers at In-N-Out. I was wondering what was the big deal. Now I understand…

food in_and_out


Johnny Rockets famous shakes. I can have this every day…

food johnny1


This is popular Korean Taco Truck, called Kogi BBQ. Great that they have weekly schedule on their website, so we could stop by. I understand their marketing was great, but they do provide great foods!

food kogi1

food kogi2