Sierra Nevada Road Trip: Death Valley

Our first stop was Death Valley. Supposed to be too hot but temp decreased upon our arrival, so we could explorer with ease.



This is famous Sand Dunes. Only several minutes walk away from parking area, you can get this feeling of being in REALLY middle of nowhere. Looked pretty lifeless to me, but I heard that creatures are living under the sand during day time, and at night, they would probably crawl out. I saw some small but scary looking bug and warm even during day time. Maybe not the best place camp!?

You might think Sand Dunes are everywhere in Death Valley, but not so much. To create sand dunes like this one, we need lots of sand, strong wind, and something that blocks wind. Turned out that is not so common. Well, Death Valley is huge, and I only explored around the road, so I don’t know how  “not common” it actually is though.

By the way, this place was hottest place on this trip. But again, it was rather cold day, so we could walk around long enough.





This is probably more popular in Death Valley. This is lowest place (elevation) in the US. I heard this is pretty life-less place. I guess too salty!





Another fun spot was Devil’s Golf Course.

This is like Bad Water area, but with elevated crystallized salt, looks very devilish. I felt the name accurately describe this place; “only devil could play golf”.