Sierra Nevada Road Trip: Curry Tent Cabin in Yosemite

We stayed in Curry Tent Cabin at Yosemite Valley. There are normal hotel, that would be more comfortable, but we found it too expensive for what it is. The most reasonable option, other than staying in camp ground, was this tent cabin. I’m glad that we stayed there.

There weren’t much information on this place, so I will post some pictures.

It is basically one big tent. Each tents are close enough that even if you whisper, your neighbor can hear you.



Inside is pretty nice. Ours had two beds (one double/one single). It was air mattress, but it was really comfortable. Had no problem sleeping (or I could be just exhausted from hiking). They provide blanket and sheets, but it’s best to bring your own sleeping bag. Night can get really cold. And yes, they give you clean towel every day. Wooden floor, chair, dressing table with mirror. I think they had everything we needed.



Big rule is not to have anything that has smell inside of tent and car. No foods, no toiletries. So every tent cabin has this bear-proof box thing. Once bear learns human food, that bear will be really aggressive. Then, that bear has to be taken down… It’s troublesome, but it’s for bear’s protection as well. I think it’s important to know that we are the guest, and bears are residents there.


Bathroom is shared, but it was pretty clean and well maintained. No outlet, but some people were charging battery in bathroom, so there is an option. They provide Internet access around registration area, but better stay offline, unless you really have to.

If you are staying here, you might want to bring;

  • sandal/flip flop (for shower)
  • light (completely dark outside, and bathroom can be far)
  • sleeping bag (sheets provided, but can get pretty cold at night, and blanket wasn’t super clean…)
  • lock (for bear box)

I saw some bad reviews online, but we thought it was great. Staff at registration was friendly. Foods are pretty good (they have great pizza). They have coffee bar open in the morning, so I could stay sane all day. They have convenience store and sports shop, so anything you forget you can buy there.

Since it is off-season, we paid only 40/night plus tax. I heard in peak season, it can go up to 100! But that means, other hotels will go up like several hundreds…? Still this place would be the choice for budget saver.

If your expectation is right, this place is wonderful.