COURRiER Japon: Jul. 2010 Vol.068

Memo from recent issue.

First of all, Steve Jobs bookmarks? In the coming age of iPad? Perhaps it was some kind of hidden message, but I didn’t get it…:P

 Courrier July 2010


Apple’s Walled Garden: Where did the icon of freedom go?

What Windows used to represent is now App Store. Apple used to be rebel, now they become dictator. Perhaps even worse one. Imagine if we needed “authorization” to distribute Windows application.

Apple is not only one. Kindle, smart phone, game consoles, they all put us into their own garden. Open vs Closed. Probably for iPad, certain closeness is necessary. I just hope they will filter for USER, not Apple sake.

This is famous TV commercial in good old days for Apple. Maybe no rebel can stay as rebel…

1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial


Kim Il-sung’s Personal Shopper: Life of dictator surrounded by luxuries

Once Kim-Il-sung’s personal shopper, now exile in Austria. He was in hiding for 16 years, and finally published book. It took all these years to come out of hiding, because once North Korean knew he is alive, his families will be sent to prison camp, for life…


Watchdog for US news: Jon Stewart

He is kind of like Beat Takeshi in Japan, but probably much more. This article talks about how he openly criticizes and makes fun of FOX’s biased news report.

Interesting fact. The poll by TIME magazine in 2009, “Who is the most trusted journalist?”. 44% said Jon Stewart. Wow.


China was already “developed country”

I see a lot of news/report about China being highly developed/innovative country recently.

Many Chinese companies showing innovation. There are cases where US company come to china and asking for licensing Chinese technology. Research is getting stronger in China. Of course big population is backing all these, but point is the number is increasing rapidly. Younger generation is showing more modern, western like characteristic. Chinese era is close, maybe already here. Do not underestimate the rival (like US used to do against Japan in the beginning).


Who’s next after Greece? : Prolongation of Japanese Economy

Interesting point how Japanese are good at prolonging its economical crisis. Catch is, nothing last forever, and the longer we hold, the pain would be greater. Japan’s public dept being over 190% (Greece has 113%), the next in line would probably be us. Our government is also spending like spoiled kids, future is not very bright.


The secret of Happiest Country: Denmark

This has been one of the biggest questions for me, “what does it mean for a country to be happy?”

Study by University of Leicester in 2006 shows Denmark as the happiest country in the world. It seems that they got some obvious advantage there; great welfare system, safety, uncompetitive culture, quietness in general, etc… but on the other hand, these happy countries share high suicide rate as well. Probably they have unique social pressure…?

Japan was number 90 in that ranking, lower than China…

Probably there are no perfect country for everyone. Good thing is that the world is getting smaller. In the ideal world, although probably not within my lifetime, there will be no more visa. No concept of country. People live in own preferred culture. But first, we have to eliminate all inequality.