Shenzhen Report: Chinese Food Heaven

When I travel abroad, one of my favorite “activities” is eating local foods. Eating local, sometimes exotic dishes are true delights for a several days, but then I get tired of them. Sometimes, even sick of them! Then, there is really only one place I go: Chinese restaurant! I feel safe to go pretty much anywhere because our Chinese friends are everywhere in the world, providing me good foods. 🙂

Imagine my excitement going to actual China!

I truly enjoyed eating REAL Chinese foods in Shenzhen. Most of dishes tasted like top-class Chinese foods, but with very reasonable price for Japanese tourist. I only wished I spoke some Chinese… Then I could tell them how great their foods were!

I managed to control myself for several seconds to take some pictures. 🙂

Roast Duck.



Fried Rice. Looks so simple, but this was really wonderful. Possibly the best fried rice ever (also considering price: roughly 200yen).



Pan fried noodle.



Simple vegetable. Very juicy!



Dim Sum.



This was probably the biggest surprise; KFC’s egg tart. As good as famous Hong Kong egg tart. MIGHT be better…