Road Trip Planning: Our Kitty Route

I spent last weekend studying road map with my wife, and finally we seemed to reach rough agreement.

Here is our rough road schedule. (kind of like sitting cat, isn’t it)


We wanted to cover several spots, without being too busy. But we just have too many places we want to go. We wanted to stay at least a couple of days in Yosemite area. We also want to shop, and drive scenic road, maybe stop by some Lake, hit casino, have clam chowder in SF, etc… Now, this is just mess.

Much like anything else, in order to plan well, all we need was priority. We narrow down and shaped up our have-to tasks;

  • Hike in Yosemite
  • Drive Scenic Road
  • Drive Thru Desert

I had to give up SF, Las Vegas, but that’s for next trip. 🙂

East side of sierra happens to be very popular scenic road, called Route 395. There are some nice Lake and Ghost Town (YES!) to visit there. We gave up going to Las Vegas, but we had to see desert, so we will check out Death Valley. We wanted to hike there too, but that’s going to take too much time for our schedule, so we gave that up.

Everybody has lifetime to-do list. I have some in California-Nevada area, and I believe I get to cross off one of them this time, which is to “drink coke in desert”. 🙂 It DOES sound stupid, but that happens to be one of the big ones. I would like to accomplish a lot this year, but at least, 2010 will be the year I drank Coke in desert!!

Another one is to walk John Muir Trail, but obviously I don’t have enough time for that. Someday!

By the way, Google map is great tool for road trip planning. Especially when you want to drive scenic road, street view is really useful, without spoiling much. I found some web tool for printing large Google Map. I will review that later.