My First Sports Bike: First Impression


I picked up my new bike last weekend.

First of all, I love sports bike shop. Full of bike geek. Smell of steel and oil. Place is crowded but not noisy like other places. Most quietly browse bike parts and accessories. Or they are quietly observing maintenance guys giving checkups. I like atmosphere there. 🙂

Great thing about sports bike shop is that store staff are so knowledgeable about bike. Probably I should call them engineer. Throw them some simple question, they will give you whole speech about science behind and show us recommended products.

They brought our bikes from storage area, and our guy gave us one-hour lesson on how to ride, disassemble, adjust the bike. I wanted to learn more, but being amateur cyclist, I think one hour lesson was just perfect. Plus, weather was just beautiful and I couldn’t wait to go outside.

So I took my first ride back home from my shop. I LOVED it. I don’t know if it is because of thin tire or light body, but I could speed up with ease. Pedals are so light. Even uphill is not that hard any more. It is completely different experience from normal city bike (aka Mama Chari). I only wish I got them sooner…!!