Korean Biz Trip: Subway Navigation System – Digital View

Korea is known as high-tech country. Every time I visit there, I usually find something “gadgetly” cool.

This time, I was really impressed by subway Navigation System, called digital view.

Looks like one of those huge iPhone demo machine, but no. This is working navigation system in Korean subway station.



iPhone-like interface. You can move around by dragging. It was easy looking for restaurants. At least, you will know which way you should walk to find some restaurant area.



It has street view function, like Google map. I didn’t try but it seemed to have coupon, news, weather news as well.



It is obviously inspired by Google and Apple, but important thing is that they actually made this service available to public. This is all possible in any other country like Japan too, but we don’t move that fast. I really admire how Korean implement new technologies and make them available to public quickly. Technology is useless if people don’t use them.

This news site says there are 900 machines already installed in Seoul area.

I know there are similar systems in Japan, like in airport or department store, but the user experience is one-generation behind. I tried several times, but I always gave up because of slow response (or the machine gave me up = freezes!). This Korean digital view was pretty quick in response, there were almost no frustration.

User experience is everything!

Another great find in Seoul subway station was Yuna Kim. She is REALLY popular! I knew she was, but looking at her posters all over the subway station is just impressive. I didn’t know Nike is her sponsor. “Just Do It” seems to be perfect slogan for her.

I had to wonder, if she continues to be Korea’s baby sister, she will have really hard time in romance. Whoever it may be, he has to be good enough to impress almost all Korean guys. Man, what a task!