Korea Biz Trip: Food Heaven!

I visit Seoul almost annually for business. I was pretty busy with work stuff this time, but surely I enjoyed Seoul foods. I had some usual favorite ones, and found new places too.

My recent favorite is Bossam. It is basically steamed pork. So simple, yet with many side dishes, it gets really deep. I particular liked their Kimuchi, which is much sweeter than normal one, but it matched so well with steamed pork.



I always eat this Jajangmyeon. There is one great place in COEX, which is my must-eat place.



This is my new favorite octopus dish, called Nakji Bokum. The restaurant was specialized in oyster and octopus. I usually stay away from octopus, because it’s usually VERY RED and too spicy for me. So I went in thinking about oyster, but somehow I started feeling like spicy food. My instinct was surprisingly accurate that day. It turned out having really good dinner. (although I ended up having bad stomach ache for next two days, but everything comes with its own price!)  






This was very new to me. This is Chinese lamb stick, called Yang Rou Chuan. I heard people in Yanbian area came to South Korea, and started these restaurant. Our friend took us to one of the original place, but there are many similar restaurants in that area. Kind of like Japanese chicken stick (Yakitori).