Information Dieting

Do less, achieve more!

Not only there are too many distraction (TV, Internet, games), we are flooded with too many useful information too. We get all addicted with acquiring more and more new information, without really processing them.

This book actually shows how we can go about losing information weight. Point is how to maintain quality of your time. First of all, we have to mange our time. Everyone has unproductive hours, how do we diet in that area? We need to know how to focus better, maybe block unnecessary interrupts as well. Once you control your input, you can output better too. Key for real success would be of course how to habituate yourself to do all of this, and we will achieve our big goal eventually! That’s the idea.

Especially ubiquitous capturing sounds something I want to try (again). The point here is, how to empty your brain so that you can focus better. Whatever I am doing, I often get this brain chatter and they only distract me. If I always leave whatever comes in my mind to some external source, then I may be able to stop that chattering…. I am sure there are more use in ubiquitous capture, so I will look more into this…

Another thing was 101 goals in 1001 days. This is said to be popular technique in US blogosphere a couple of years ago. Idea here is to make a list of 101 things you want to do in next 1001 days. Some are small tasks, others might be bigger ones. Building up small success/victory will eventually lead to achieving your big dream. This is great way to focus on one thing at a time (single tasking!), and also gives you feeling that you are getting closer to your big goal every time you cross off list. For each goal, you have less than 10 days, so you get rough deadline. Action-driven approach! and feel like that’s what I was looking for.