Holiday for Your Soul: How to Enjoy Your Spare Time

Hiroyuki Itsuki’s take on holiday.

My favorites:

How to Play with book

I have so many books. Proposed activity is this: pick three most important books for you and you have to throw away the rest. I once tired similar activity myself, see which books are more essential for me. I failed miserably. All the book seem so important and I can’t possibly narrow down to three. I doubt if I can do it even to 10. But by-product was good. Through this activity, I can actually re-think what is more important to me.

How to Play with art

Like the author, I had never really enjoyed in art museum. Just looking around used to make me so tired. Recently, maybe this means I am finally a grown-up now, I start having fun in museum. I visited Scotland and England last year, and visited several museum, and it was quite fun. I used to spend my time in museum looking for famous work, and maybe makes some remarks trying to sound smart 🙂

This time, I just scan, and if I find something attractive, I stop and enjoy that piece longer. I typically like physically big art work, so it takes some time to understand what is going on in that piece. Trying to make story myself, imagine artist standing in front of that paint and wonder what he might be thinking, where he started painting first, how long he took to complete this work… Then I read little explanation plate, and refine my story…

Proposed activity in this book is similar in some way. Imagine you are stealing one piece in that museum. Stolen art can not be sold well even in black market, so if you are going to steal, you have to keep in your place. And stealing is pretty hard. Then, you have to pick something you REALLY like.

I am sure I am going to try this next time.

His methods (above are only my favorites, he got much more) might sound stupid to some, but I really liked many of them. There might be better, more standard way to enjoy things, but rather than trying to be someone else, we all should find ways we can truly enjoy.

The point of this book is, how to enjoy your off-time effectively. Have you ever feel so tired at the end of the weekend, and feel so heavy on Monday? This often happens when you spent your weekend just lying around, watching TV, doing nothing. If you had some activities going on, you tend to feel better on Sunday night. You might be tired physically, but feel good inside. Holiday should energize us.

Secret is, to find your own unique way to enjoy things.