Digital SLR: Secrets of Professional Photographer

Perfect little book for SLR beginner.

I own my entry-model SLR for almost two years now. I was pretty happy with “P” and “A” mode. My big rule was, for scenery and people I use P, and for object like food I use A. This simple rule worked great until now, but having big US trip soon, I wanted to learn little more and grabbed this book. Glad I did!

Finally I understand what ISO, diaphragm, field angle are all about. I know when I should use RAW. There seem to be a lot of fun in after-the-shot area (like Photoshop). There should be more to them, but I believe all the basics are here. Also, sounds like having tripod is really important as well. I have mine, but it is rather heavy, so I got lazy bringing it with me. Probably getting lighter tripod is well worth investment in long term. Also, I may be looking into another lens…

Book is in use case driven, FAQ-style, and answers many questions by beginner. When I finish digesting this book, I can finally call myself amateur photographer. Now, practice, practice, practice!