Cross Bike 2010 (Entry model): New Bike for Spring!

I spent entire weekend looking for new bike. My wife also wants one, so this is easy shopping. 🙂
I am looking for entry-type, good-looking cross bike. Something popular (More users typically mean better customer support and information). Something makes me happy about riding. Budget is 50,000 – 100,000 JPY. We checked couple of bike store, spent hours on web surfing, talked with my bike guy*, and here are our current candidates.

Trek 7.5 FX

Review is good. Good American brand. VERY good looking. Little more expensive than others, but again, review says it worth price. Real one did not look as good as website (which is ALWAYS the case), but still my top choice. This was also recommended by my bike guy*. Originally I was thinking about lower model (7.3), but after hours of Googling, suddenly I have to have carbon front fork (still not sure what this really means), and 7.3 does not have one.


Giant Escape r2

Best selling cross bike, especially for beginner like me, says Bike shop guy. I liked design, reasonable for its quality (again, says Bike shop guy). One concern is that Giant bike is everywhere on Japanese street, so you don’t get that special feeling of ownership. Not that I care about that though.

I like how Giant name their product; Escape, Seek, Glide, etc. Sounds really simple and catchy to Japanese mind somehow.


Bianchi Camaleonte 3

This is picked by my wife. Another good looking bike. Italian! I liked its L-shaped handle.


Probably I will give another week or so before I make order. Planning to stop by another bike store tomorrow near my office. Shopping is FUN!!

* I think everybody has own bike guy, who seems to know everything about bike, can rip this thing apart and build them again, and says it’s fun! 🙂 And, yes, I intend to become one now.