Courrier Japon

COURRiER Japon is inspired by French magazine, Courrier international, but this is not translation. It is pure Japanese magazine. This is basically collection of articles from other foreign magazines/newspapers.

I read somewhere that good secretary is the one who pick up articles that boss likes, file them and leave on boss’s desk. This magazine works just like that.

For example, this month issue covers Toyota problem. It has articles by TIME and wall street journal, but also the ones from Canada, Singapore, UK, Spain, etc.. So you get the big picture how people in the WORLD see the problem, not only how Japanese or American think of it.

There are also “random” articles by many other different magazines from all around the world.

This month, I learned about this guy, Elon Musk. Apparently he is popular figure in US, but I haven’t heard of him before. He is an entrepreneur, probably most famous as a co-founder of Pay-Pal. His current quest about electric car is so exciting.

I also learned how living in Rwanda is expensive for foreigner, how Hawaii is trying to be Eco-State, and how Mexican girls are facing unjust law about abortion.

COURRiER does not give you information in depth, but quick scan of entire world. This fits my needs; if any article interests me (like the one about Elon Musk), I can go and dig more information on Internet.

This is only 680yen/mon, and I found very few advertisements in it. VERY good value.