Bridging the Worlds with 20 yen: Practical Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

Social work is standard business practice in many developed countries, but in Japan, it is still considered to be volunteer work. They will tell you, “wow that’s wonderful what you are doing, but what do you do for your living?” Japan is still far behind in this area. Few people see it as real work.

This is the very challenge the author, Masahisa Kogure, is facing, and I am glad to learn that he is doing excellent job.

This is a great testimony how a hard-core business man become social entrepreneur. Social work is no different from other “normal” business activities. Having good heart and being hard-working would still be the base, but to really do something meaningful, or to “change the world”, you need very strong business skill.

I believe Kogure-san wrote this book as how-to like, in hope that there would be more social entrepreneur in the future. You need to use all the creativities you got to make things work, but this book might be a good start.

I believe entrepreneurship should be about changing the world, and if so, social entrepreneurship should come so natural.

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