Weight Loss Plan 2010: Have Fun Losing Weight


I just found out I got some weight this winter. In fact, I keep gaining weight since I came back to Japan. You think you will lose weight living in Japan with all those healthy Japanese food… WRONG! Japanese foods are so good, that you tend to enjoy more… Wait, maybe because of car-based life.. Maybe too much Internet or reading…

Anyway, it is about time I should do something about this seriously. I have my several trial-and-errors on weight control, but I feel this time I am going to make it. Because my plan sounds so fun! Check this out….

  • Enjoy swimming – twice a week
  • Enjoy music/podcast/audio book while jogging – twice a week
  • Enjoy hiking/backpacking – once a month (except winter!)
  • Enjoy sports (tennis, biking, basketball, etc) – whenever I feel like it
  • Enjoy trip (I actually find myself losing weight after good trip)
  • Enjoy relaxing in onsen/hot bath (sweating counts!)

These are actually nothing new, but just the way I look at it. Now there is nothing difficult about it. If I got bored with any activity, I will just change it, right then. I know for a fact that there are more than enough sports activities to enjoy for one life (one extreme example here). Maybe the only thing I need to keep in mind is that I am moving my body some way. If I make sure of it, there is no chance to fail at this.

My Goal is to lose 1kg / month for next 1 year!