The Ohmae Report vol.181

Memo from vol 181.

  • Break out of old establishment, and go to the world

History shows Japanese are strong when old establishment breaks down. Meiji-Ishin and post world war II. Yukichi fukuzawa and others were in their 20s when they got out and went to US in 1860. After WW II, young Japanese business people work hard and established modern Japan as we know now.
There are big market outside Japan. Age of middle class are over soon. Get out!

  • It is time to re-evaluate Akio Morita

True global business leader. Don’t worry about your educational background. Having higher education can drag you down.
Do not trust marketing research.
Never underestimate yourself. Don’t worry about being out of league. Don’t worry if your English is bad. Being convincing is more important. “Wakimaeru” will kill your potential.
It is ok to be small and weak, but never think you are small and weak.