Shred Your Resume – Personal Branding in Internet Age

If you meet Japanese people in formal setting (actually even in casual setting), they will typically introduce themselves as “From xx corporation, my name is Tanaka”. Awkward sentence in English, but this is how we introduce ourselves. Company first. It does not really matter who you are, but who you work for. Your company was not only your boss, it was your cloth, house, community, and identity.
Now time is changing. I believe this is healthier, but identity is coming back to each person. It does not matter (as much as before) who you work for, but what you can do. What is driving this shift is, of course, Internet.
Some see issues in privacy (especially in Japan it tends to be a bigger issue), but I gave that up in certain level already. Having read this book, I feel I may have to go to another level.
There is this popular blogger, who eventually got hired through his blog. He was asked by the author, “what fact did you find interesting after you started your blog?”. He replied;

Even though I feel this post is going to be big one, sometimes nobody cares. Then, I write some article in 20 min, and got quite popular. I realized that my judging about my post is waste of time. If readers feel post is good, then that post is good. So I stop worrying about what or how to write, and just write and leave the judgment to my readers.

This may not apply to all of us (not for professional writer, maybe), but the spirit is important. Just focus on outputting. Blog is subjective activity, so your own judgment won’t matter much. For sure, I will try to write more often!
Personal branding on Internet is still a choice (well, not really choice for those young kids who post crazy picture on facebook!). I’m not sure if I pursue it this aggressively, but it is certainly good to know that powerful tool is just in front of me all the time.